Nature walk with Wildlife Queensland

Ten days ago I joined the local chapter of Wildlife Queensland, aka the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, for a Sunday morning walk along the banks of Ross River.

The location was a part of the river I had never visited on foot, across the footbridge from Weir State School, and it was an enjoyable event in its low-key way. The combined knowledge of the group was impressive – plant, bird or bug, someone would have a name for it – and progress was a very gentle amble in consequence.

damselfly on leaf
Damselfly, perhaps Redtail damselfly, Ceriagrion aeruginosum, near Ross River

I was intending to write a full description of the walk and what we saw but our leader has beaten me to it (and saved me the trouble) by posting her account on the WQ site – click here to read it.

WQ’s next field trip will be to Paradise Lagoon, Big Crystal Creek on Sunday March 23.