Why Do Wombats Have Square Poo?

  • This is the third in a series of odd science publications. It was significantly updated on April 2 for the benefit of anyone who might not have noticed the significance of the date of publication. 


Why Do Wombats Have Square Poo?
Scat form, territorial extent and reproductive success in Vombatus ursinus
J Anal Scat 2023 April;1 (3):530-40

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Cape Tourville, Sleepy Bay and Moulting Lagoon

Freycinet National Park is gorgeous and we try to visit it every time we go to Tasmania. Last year’s trip included Wineglass Bay (of course), Mount Amos, Friendly Beaches and the lower reaches of Moulting Lagoon.

This year we stayed at the Richardson’s Beach camping area in the National Park and drove down to Cape Tourville and Sleepy Bay nearby. We also noticed a small day-use area on the inland (northern) end of Moulting Lagoon and called in to see the swans.

Freycinet Peninsula from Richardson's Beach
Freycinet Peninsula from Richardson’s Beach

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Back to Tasmania

We were lucky enough to spend two weeks in Tasmania in December 2021, as we did a year earlier. We won’t add our recent trip to the introduction and index to our December 2020 bushwalking destinations but begin a new collection:

Top photo: Southport Beach (Lune River estuary)

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