Eco-fiesta 2022 wrap-up

Eco-fiesta, one of the city council’s best community initiatives in the thirty-plus years I have lived here, celebrated its 30th birthday yesterday with another wonderful festival. Dozens of stalls, hundreds of happy visitors, perfect weather, all in the beautiful surroundings of Anderson Park – what more could anyone ask for?

It has always been an event for all ages, but the young parents now taking their small children to it have known it since they were small children themselves. In its first years it was a fringe-hippie event but now it is mainstream, without having changed at all. Recycling, vegetarian food, solar power, bee-keeping, yoga and the rest have all become ‘normal’ to a large part of the community. Eco-fiesta has played a large part in that, and the world is a better place for it.

But let’s get on to specifics. As usual, I wandered at random, chatting to stall-holders and coming home with a handful of flyers and fridge magnets. There were far too many offerings to do them all justice but I will mention as many as I can, encouraging you to click through to their websites or facebook pages for further information.    Continue reading “Eco-fiesta 2022 wrap-up”