Big sky over Ross River

high cloud over beach at Ross River estuary
Big sky over Ross River estuary, looking roughly southeast towards hills between Mt Elliott and Cape Bowling Green

Ross Creek runs along the edge of the city centre and past Reef HQ Aquarium so I know it well. However, I rarely visit the mouth of Ross River on the other side of South Townsville.

I was in the vicinity last week to recycle some old computer gear so I continued down to the end of Boundary Street for a walk on the beach. The river mouth is very shallow, with wide stretches of sand and extensive mangroves. I enjoyed the clouds, and a couple of Whistling Kites soaring above me. One came close enough for a pleasing photo:

brown hawk soaring overhead
Whistling Kite, Haliastur sphenurus

Down at ground level I found a sleek grey and black wasp going about its business. It turned out to be a Spider Wasp (Pompilidae) and you can see it here on Flickr.