Mound-builder at work

black bird on mound of leaves
Male Scrub Turkey on his mound

I thought that the Scrub Turkeys I saw at Pallarenda and mentioned so cursorily in my previous post deserved a little more attention because one of them was working so hard.

He (and it was he, not she, since the males build the mounds) was well into the construction of a nesting mound on the edge of the little park just before the gate to the Conservation Park and old Quarantine Station. He already had a mound two or three metres across and kept on working in spite of people and cars moving around nearby.

I saw two or three more Scrub Turkeys in the uncleared area in the background, just across the road (presumably at least one will have been a female), but I didn’t see any on the Town Common proper although there may well have been some.

black bird kicking leaves higher on the mound
Mound-builder in action