Cardwell Lookout and Attie Creek

On the short trip which included Jourama Falls and the Dalrymple Track I seized my opportunity to visit the Cardwell Lookout and nearby Attie Creek for the first time.

The Lookout is a few kilometres out of town on a good, mostly-gravel road which leads through pine plantations before winding uphill to a parking area and a lookout with very good views to the North over Cardwell and Rockingham Bay towards Mission Beach and Dunk Island. A walking track leads further uphill from this point for even better views to the North and panoramic views across the channel to Hinchinbrook Island. The extra walk is worth the effort but I have to say it was also more effort than I had expected: it’s only a few hundred metres but it’s quite steep.

view over Cardwell towards Mission Beach
Looking over Cardwell towards Mission Beach

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Pied Imperial Pigeon on the nest

pied imperial pigeon nest
Pied Imperial Pigeon on its nest in a paperbark tree

The last Wildlife Queensland trip for the year took us further from home than usual, to Zoe Bay on Hinchinbrook Island. It was a lovely day and I’m sure a full report with lots of photos will appear in due course on the WQ Townsville site. (Edit: it’s now here).

All I want to do here is to post a photo of a Pied Imperial Pigeon, Ducula spilorrhoa, on its nest to complement my earlier posts about them on Green Path.

We met in a small park near the Dungeness boat ramp and spent our waiting time, naturally, birdwatching. This was one of several PIP nests we spotted in a clump of paperbarks there. Each was an untidy, unstable-looking twig platform, easy enough to see once we knew what they looked like – in fact, believing that they were functional nests was harder than seeing them.

In the same clump we also saw a Friarbird on its nest, well camouflaged by virtue of the fact that it was neatly woven out of strips of the tree’s own bark.

friarbird nest
A Friarbird just visible on its nest in the same clump of trees