Organic food in Townsville

Eco Fiesta had lots of stalls promoting all sorts of healthy and/or environmentally worthwhile activities. One cluster which was much stronger this year than in previous years was encouraging various approaches to local, healthy food, and I came home with good intentions and a handful of flyers. In no particular order, they were from …

  • Food for Thought (FB page): ‘Loving all things food! Eating, sharing, growing, preserving, organic, supporting ethical production.’
  • Permaculture Townsville (website): ‘We are a not-for-profit community group in Townsville, who feel deeply about local and global sustainability and environmental rehabilitation. We come together to re-instill community values in local food production …’ They happen to be running a two-day ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course in Townsville on June 23 and 30.
  • Sprout Greener Grocers, Hyde Park (website): Fresh organic fruit and veg, bulk wholefoods, etc.

Others were at Eco Fiesta too but I didn’t collect their contact information at the time. I would be happy to add readers’ suggestions to this list.

Still thinking about fresh food … the long-running Cotters Market in Flinders Street every Sunday morning is good for local produce and a new Farmers Market is about to open on the northern outskirts of the city, at the North Shore Town Centre, Main St, Burdell every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 6am-midday.

Update, 2.3.14: The Farmers Market website has been taken down and I have no idea what has happened to the market itself.