Cobbold Gorge wildlife

This post fulfills a promise I made soon after my visit to Cobbold Gorge in Western Queensland. It was published many months late (sorry) but has been back-dated to keep it with the other posts from that trip.

Looking through my photos I found lots of birds, many of which we rarely see on the coast; quite a lot of insects, but all of them rather familiar; and not many reptiles, but only one which deserves to be featured here.

Freshwater crocodile
Freshwater crocodile downstream from the gorge

As usual, clicking on the images will bring them up at full size in a lightbox and reveal a little extra information.

Freshwater Crocodiles in Ross River

We know they are there, but we don’t often see them – freshwater crocodiles in Ross River, that is.

Freshies, as many locals call them, are smaller than salties. They are generally shy, attacking only when startled into defending themselves; and when they do, their narrow jaws and relatively small teeth can’t do as much damage as a saltie’s heavy head, although the Australian Museum warns us that they can still cause serious injuries.

They can also be hard to spot, even in plain view.

crocodile on log
Catching some sunshine

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