Cartooning for the environment


I posted a collection of cartoons with environmental themes a couple of years ago and it’s time for more. The one above, like the seasonal one below, is from Skeptical Science, one of our better sources of information about climate change. The good people there publish a “Toon of the week” to lighten the page, and both the toons and the text are highly recommended.

I should also mention First Dog on the Moon, a strip published in the Guardian and often reposted on Facebook within minutes. Topics are broadly political and social but the environment is (as it should be) a recurring concern. A Penguin in Paris is a good recent example.


Graphic communication: social justice

This post supplements a recent one on environmental themes by sharing some of my favourite examples of social justice images. As before, most of the sources are by now impossible to identify because the images have been floating around the web for too long, but I have linked to them where I can – except that the first links to another good cartoon from the same artist in the same publication.



Knowledge wisdom

Truth and Love

Raise Hell

I was going to add a comic by Zen Pencils but the most appropriate one is not actually my favourite one so I think I will just suggest you visit the site and browse … they are all good.

Grab bag: the art of climate change

Climate change is a science-heavy issue with enormous social and political implications so it makes sense that responses to it come from all sorts of people in all sorts of media. This little collection looks at visual art.

There was an excellent exhibition of art inspired by climate change in Melbourne a couple of months ago. It was reported on ABC TV’s 7.30 and that report is now available as video and transcript at (The video is also on YouTube.) Metro Gallery’s page about its show, here, doesn’t add much but does mention a film of the project, which could be worth tracking down, too.

Looking for it a few minutes ago, I came across an American sculptor, Nathalie Miebach,  who translates climate numbers into colourful artworks which look more like intriguingly complicated toys than anything else. Read the article here and, if you like, click through to the associated photo gallery.

I have known the work of street artist Banksy for quite a long time but I haven’t mentioned it on Green Path before. Here is his graphic comment on global warming.

Political cartoons are also art, of a kind, and that is my excuse for squeezing Climatesight’s collection of cartoons into this post. Here’s a sample from it to encourage you to investigate further:

Cartoon: people queuing for "A Reassuring Lie" and bypassing "An Inconvenient Truth"

P.S. (27.3.12) Just found a couple more here – scroll down to the bottom of the page.