Dirt Cheap

About fifteen years ago I took on a reviewing role with our local newspaper. My motives were somewhat mixed, as were theirs, but there were enough benefits on both sides that the arrangement continued for five or six years. I have posted several of those reviews to Green Path under their original dates (examples here) … Continue reading “Dirt Cheap”

Climate Change

This page brings together the shortest, clearest and most authoritative information about our predicament that I can find, and our ways out of it … except that we have left action so late that we will never be able to go back to a pre-1950 climate. Any “Climate Change References” can rapidly become misleadingly out … Continue reading “Climate Change”

Grey water – keeping gardens alive during water restrictions

Townsville is on Level 3 water restrictions as I write and is quite likely to be on Level 4  within a few months. If so, it’s very likely to stay on level 4 until we get our next Wet season. Level 3 (sprinklers not to be used, handheld watering 6-7am and 6-7pm only, odds and evens … Continue reading “Grey water – keeping gardens alive during water restrictions”

What happens to a solar power microgrid in a hurricane

A news bulletin from Kiva: As you may know, Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, made landfall in Les Anglais [Haiti] at the beginning of October [2016].* In the run up to the storm, our staff members told the community that they should charge their electronics soon as they would have to turn off the … Continue reading “What happens to a solar power microgrid in a hurricane”

The New Nature Writing

The New Nature Writing Granta No 102, Summer 2008 Granta Books, $29.95 Granta, for those who don’t know it, is an English quarterly which publishes such luminaries as Lessing, Theroux, McEwan and Winterson. The editor of this issue, Jason Cowley, takes as his theme the notion that ‘economic migration, overpopulation and climate change are transforming … Continue reading “The New Nature Writing”