Composting and industrial recycling

Composting [no author] Penguin, March 2009, $19.95 Composting is a brief but very practical, hands-dirty, guide to turning garden waste, food scraps and waste paper into the kind of soil that will have your plants moaning in ecstasy as they grow a mile a minute. As the authors say, it isn’t rocket science and there … Continue reading “Composting and industrial recycling”

Where should we get our news?

Like most Aussies over forty, I grew up with the expectation that our media outlets took their responsibilities seriously: that they would be reasonably objective, apolitical and accurate, and that stories would be given appropriate weight, such that wars, natural disasters and government corruption appeared on the newspapers’ front page and film stars’ divorces appeared on an inside page if … Continue reading “Where should we get our news?”

Townsville’s record-breaking 2015 rainfall

I have been grumbling for months about how dry Townsville has been in the last year, and the annual figures are now in: 2015 was the driest year on record, with just under 400mm compared to our average of 1135mm and our highest-ever of 2400mm. We have just continued the pattern by completing a dry January, … Continue reading “Townsville’s record-breaking 2015 rainfall”

Flying Foxes and Ibis in time-share accommodation

The flying-fox camp in our Palmetum gardens seems to have become as permanent as flying-fox colonies ever are, having been occupied through the last months of 2012, vacant in December 2012-early 2013, but occupied continuously since then. Numbers fluctuated but were high by the middle of 2014 when the Bulletin grumbled about the “infestation”. By that time the flying … Continue reading “Flying Foxes and Ibis in time-share accommodation”

The Town Common after a failed Wet season

Townsville has had one of its driest and hottest Wet seasons on record and the consequences for the Town Common wetlands have been dire. We had 185mm of rain in January (not too bad), but only 31.8mm in February and a mere 4.8mm in March, for a total of about 220 instead of our average of around 650. I … Continue reading “The Town Common after a failed Wet season”