The last of the Wet

I have noticed before that our Wet seasons can end with a farewell deluge. If what we’re getting now – 200 mm and more in a day or two – is this year’s example, it’s a bit late.

John Anderson, veteran rural reporter for our local paper, reckons that if we haven’t had rain before Anzac Day, we’re not getting any. My own rule of thumb was that Easter marked the end of the Wet season, and I suspected that it might be tied somehow to the lunar and solar calendars. Easter, after all, falls just after the first full moon after the Equinox (more detail here).

Either way, this rain is later and and heavier than we would expect. It follows the drenching that Gympie, Brisbane and Northern NSW copped earlier this year. Both events are entirely in line with what we’ve been told – repeatedly – to expect from climate change, although we can’t say that they were “caused by” climate change (for a look at the difficulties in event attribution, try this video).

Our climate has already changed and further changes are unavoidable. None of them are for the better.

Climate action now is imperative, which is why I have neglected Green Path for nearly a month in favour of political action. Normal service will not resume until after the election but I will try to maintain some continuity here on the blog until then.

Header images

The wide images at the top of each page on the site are called ‘header’ images in WordPress, the software package used here. Each time a user visits a new page, the software chooses one at random from a pre-formatted collection. New images are added from time to time but many of them are not identified, so here’s the current collection with the captions they deserve.

The extreme ‘letterbox’ format required poses some challenges, of course, so the famously flat landscapes of  Western Queensland may be over-represented, but the Town Common, one of our favourite local places, lends itself very well to the format too.

As usual, click on them for full-size versions.

Wildlife great and small

Jumping spider, blurred by the speed of his jump

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Soft launch, soft anniversary

Green Path should have celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this year but (frankly) didn’t notice at the time. The first ‘real’ post on the blog is dated January 10, 2011, and features a young Golden Orb Weaver. The ‘official’ launch post is dated April 21 and notes that, “Part of my [development] process was to write posts for the blog-to-be. It seemed a shame to waste them all so [the blog] therefore has entries going back several months although today is its official launch.”

Since then I have republished some earlier writing here under its original publication dates, so it may look as though Green Path began in February 2005 with a visit to Western Queensland, but that’s a bit of a stretch: I’m happy to claim ten years but not sixteen.

Ten years ago I had no idea how long the project might last. I’m pleased that it has gone on so long but I still have no idea how long it might continue; “as long as I enjoy doing it” is probably the best answer I can give.

A sister site for Green Path

Green Path now has a sibling, companion, doppelganger or whatever you like to call it, which is the home for my non-environmental interests – primarily books and photography, so I have called it ‘words & images’. It’s a blog very like this one and I have been setting it up during the last couple of weeks.

It already has twenty-odd posts, mostly older book reviews republished from elsewhere; the first new post on it is an introduction to Discworld for those unfortunate enough to have missed that very special fantasy series.

Normal service on Green Path can now resume.