Rowes Bay wetlands

I took my camera down to the wetland boardwalk behind Rowes Bay Sustainability Centre and the (new) Landcare Nursery a week ago. It was a very hot day but I found a good shady spot with views to nearby swamp and perches, and waited for the birds to forget I was there.

They did, and I got nice photos of half a dozen species. The best of them have already been shared online so I will just post links to them as they appear on iNaturalist: Sacred Kingfisher, Masked Lapwing, Koel (female), Hornbill Friarbird, and Pheasant Coucal.

But I’m a bug-hunter too, so here are some of the smaller creatures I saw from the boardwalk.

Leaf beetle
Leaf beetle

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Ravenswood and the mine

Ravenswood is a heritage town dominated by an enormous gold mine, and tensions between its history and its future are inevitable.

The town was founded 150 years ago because of its gold and flourished for 50 years. Then it became a ghost town, drowsing for 70 years before coming back to life 30 years ago, again because of its gold. Now it is threatened by its gold.

When new technology made the gold profitable again in the early 1990s the mine re-opened as an open-cut pit south-east of the town. Another pit has now opened to the south-west, raising a long wall just a couple of hundred metres from the main street.

Ravenswood hall and shop
The community hall (restored) and shop in the main street with the mine wall behind them

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Cape Tourville, Sleepy Bay and Moulting Lagoon

Freycinet National Park is gorgeous and we try to visit it every time we go to Tasmania. Last year’s trip included Wineglass Bay (of course), Mount Amos, Friendly Beaches and the lower reaches of Moulting Lagoon.

This year we stayed at the Richardson’s Beach camping area in the National Park and drove down to Cape Tourville and Sleepy Bay nearby. We also noticed a small day-use area on the inland (northern) end of Moulting Lagoon and called in to see the swans.

Freycinet Peninsula from Richardson's Beach
Freycinet Peninsula from Richardson’s Beach

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