Tyto Wetlands in winter

A longer visit to Ingham’s Tyto Wetlands was high on my wish-list after our very short visit on the way home from Mission Beach a couple of months ago.

The wish came true sooner than I had thought likely, as I managed to get there before 8 a.m. last Wednesday with no need to leave before mid-afternoon. Walking all the way around the main lagoon (at bird-watching pace) and exploring some of the side tracks occupied most of the morning very happily.

Tyto wetlands view
Looking across the lagoon to a bird hide

Birds were the main attraction, as usual – Willy Wagtails, Brown Honeyeaters and many others on land, with Black Ducks, Pygmy Geese, Grebes, Cormorants and Egrets among the water birds.

Egret, Tyto wetlands
Great Egret
Tyto wetlands lagoon
Another view across the lagoon

Tyto wetlands

We stopped off at Ingham’s Tyto Wetlands for a couple of hours’ birdwatching on the way home from the Kennedy Track and I was surprised to find later that Green Path has never even mentioned them – surprised, even mildly shocked, because we’ve been visiting the park for longer than the blog has existed.

We will now make up for our neglect by posting a selection of photos from the last twelve years’ visits.

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Many Peaks trail revisited

I walked the Many Peaks trail again last weekend, almost exactly a year after my previous visit. This time, walking with friends, I didn’t stop so often to look at little wildlife, but we still took about five hours for the twelve kilometres or so. That seems, in fact, to be a reasonable minimum time for the route for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

The Wet is well over but there is still open water. The water birds, however, still have other options and are not in great numbers on the Common. That said, we did see Drongo, Magpie Geese, Egret, Peaceful Dove, Honeyeaters, Rainbow Bee-eater, hawk (probably Black Kite), Plovers, Scrub Turkey and other species.

The Tawny Coster is now so well established that it was one of the commonest butterflies but there were plenty of the usual Swamp Tigers, Blue Tigers, Crows (both Common and Brown) and others.

view of Many Peaks Range
Bald Rock from near Tegoora Rock

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The Kennedy Track, Mission Beach

We joined Wildlife Queensland’s Townsville Branch recently to walk the Edmund Kennedy Track on one of their rare excursions beyond the local area.

The occasion was a joint expedition with the Cassowary Coast branch to commemorate the anniversary of Kennedy’s landing in 1848, and it was combined with a visit to Ninney Rise and a very convivial dinner at the nearby Bingil Bay Cafe. (Yes, that’s a free plug. Anyone who makes a laksa as good as theirs deserves one.) The weekend will be written up on the branch blog in due course so I will focus on the Track.

View of Mission Beach
Looking North from the beginning of the track

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Cape Hillsborough revisited

Cape Hillsborough near Mackay is a favourite holiday destination for the very good reason that it’s magically beautiful. We’ve written about the National Park and the resort after a previous trip (introduction and overview , 2014)  so this post is mostly saying that it’s still there and still as good as ever.

The resort has been adequately maintained but not significantly altered in at least 25 years, so it’s still very low-key and family-centred; it is probably constrained by its position, wrapped around by National Park with no possibility of expansion, but that is fine as far as we’re concerned.

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