Undara wildlife

Fulfilling a promise I made soon after my visit to Undara Lava Tubes in Western Queensland in June, here are photos of the local wildlife. Like my collection of Cobbold Gorge wildlife photos, it was posted very late but has been back-dated to keep it with the other post from that visit. As usual, clicking … Continue reading “Undara wildlife”

Cobbold Gorge, Undara Lava Tubes and the Atherton Tablelands

It’s over a week since the last post on Green Path and the reason this time is that we were celebrating the end of lockdown with a trip to Western Queensland and the Atherton Tablelands. Our route was Greenvale – The Lynd – Einasleigh – Forsayth – Cobbold Gorge – Georgetown – Undara Lava Tubes … Continue reading “Cobbold Gorge, Undara Lava Tubes and the Atherton Tablelands”

Ravenswood to Ravenshoe by the back roads

Nearly all of Green Path’s posts are as factual and accurate as I can make them, so a warning about this one is in order: it’s speculative and hypothetical, a thought-bubble which grew. Do not rely on it! It began in a conversation during an excursion to Mount Zero (previous post). Someone asked about the … Continue reading “Ravenswood to Ravenshoe by the back roads”

Locations, locations

This page indexes the locations visited and described on Green Path, primarily for the benefit of readers wanting somewhere to explore outdoors, whether around Townsville or further afield. It’s a bit rough (sorry). Links are simply tag search results, if the location has its own tag, or site-searches on the place name. The first few … Continue reading “Locations, locations”