Walking on Castle Hill

Castle Hill offers a good choice of interesting walks and it’s right in the middle of Townsville. I really don’t know why I don’t go there more often! The Ironbark Track runs up the inland side of the hill from Stagpole St or William St to the summit road (map from the City Council site … Continue reading “Walking on Castle Hill”

A very small drama on Castle Hill

Castle Hill is an immense mass of pink granite rising above the city. Beloved by tourists, joggers and landscape painters, it is a challenging environment for wildlife because the soil (where there is any) is so thin. Rainwater drains off almost instantly, so the vegetation struggles to survive and there aren’t many herbivores to feed the carnivores. Nevertheless, on Sunday … Continue reading “A very small drama on Castle Hill”

Swallowtail on Castle Hill

The Dainty Swallowtail, Papilio anactus, is apparently the smallest of our swallowtail butterflies but it is still quite large – much bigger than the Crow, Common Eggfly or Chocolate Soldier that I think of as ‘normal’ butterfly size. Its closest relations, other members of the genus Papilio, include the Orchard, Fuscous, Chequered and the magnificent electric-blue … Continue reading “Swallowtail on Castle Hill”