Locations, locations

This page indexes the locations visited and described on Green Path, primarily for the benefit of readers wanting somewhere to explore outdoors, whether around Townsville or further afield. It’s a bit rough (sorry). Links are simply tag search results, if the location has its own tag, or site-searches on the place name. The first few … Continue reading “Locations, locations”

Why walk in nature?

I often ‘go bush’ for a few hours or a bit longer, to get out in the open air, get some exercise, and take some photos. I wondered recently which was really my main reason, so I have just looked at the stats from my most recent walk. Booroona Trail After driving to Loam Island … Continue reading “Why walk in nature?”

Black Weir to Ross Dam

My ongoing exploration of the Ross River bikeways has ameliorated the lockdown for me to some extent, and bike shops report booming sales as others enjoy the same outlet. I completed the Riverway circuit (introduced here) by riding on the Riverside Gardens side of the river from Black Weir to the motorway bridge and returning … Continue reading “Black Weir to Ross Dam”