Blencoe Falls in winter

I visited Blencoe Falls, inland from Kennedy, in December 2016 at the very end of the Dry Season. Friends have just been camping up there and shared photos of their trip so, with their permission, I thought I would share them more widely. The creek is beautiful but there is not much more water coming … Continue reading “Blencoe Falls in winter”

Blencoe Falls camping ground

I wrote recently about Blencoe Falls and the road to them but didn’t say much about the camping ground. The National Parks page provides all the basic information but didn’t make clear (to me, at least) that what is offered is basically free camping along a two-kilometre stretch of creek: when you drive into the nominal … Continue reading “Blencoe Falls camping ground”

Blencoe Falls and Jabali Walk, Girringun National Park

Blencoe Falls are on Blencoe Creek, a tributary entering the upper Herbert River only a few hundred metres downstream of the falls. I visited the area in the interregnum between Christmas and New Year, in what was probably the very tail end of the Dry season. There had been enough rain to keep the creek flowing, but … Continue reading “Blencoe Falls and Jabali Walk, Girringun National Park”

Ravenswood to Ravenshoe by the back roads

Nearly all of Green Path’s posts are as factual and accurate as I can make them, so a warning about this one is in order: it’s speculative and hypothetical, a thought-bubble which grew. Do not rely on it! It began in a conversation during an excursion to Mount Zero (previous post). Someone asked about the … Continue reading “Ravenswood to Ravenshoe by the back roads”

Locations, locations

This page indexes the locations visited and described on Green Path, primarily for the benefit of readers wanting somewhere to explore outdoors, whether around Townsville or further afield. It’s a bit rough (sorry). Links are simply tag search results, if the location has its own tag, or site-searches on the place name. The first few … Continue reading “Locations, locations”