Anderson Park Botanical Gardens and Conservatory

Anderson Park is the largest of the three botanical gardens managed by Townsville City Council. We have been conveniently close to it in Mundingburra for so long that we take it for granted but a couple of recent visits reminded us how pleasant it is; reminded us, too, of the Conservatory and the exotic fruit … Continue reading “Anderson Park Botanical Gardens and Conservatory”

Jacana in Anderson Park

Jacanas (family Jacanidae) have adapted to, and specialised in, one particular kind of habitat, shallow freshwater lakes and ponds with floating vegetation. They live right across the tropics, with various species in South and Central America, southern Africa, India and South-east Asia through to New Guinea and northern Australia. We only have one species in Australia, the Comb-crested Jacana, … Continue reading “Jacana in Anderson Park”

Locations, locations

This page indexes the locations visited and described on Green Path, primarily for the benefit of readers wanting somewhere to explore outdoors, whether around Townsville or further afield. It’s a bit rough (sorry). Links are simply tag search results, if the location has its own tag, or site-searches on the place name. The first few … Continue reading “Locations, locations”

Eco-fiesta 2022 wrap-up

Eco-fiesta, one of the city council’s best community initiatives in the thirty-plus years I have lived here, celebrated its 30th birthday yesterday with another wonderful festival. Dozens of stalls, hundreds of happy visitors, perfect weather, all in the beautiful surroundings of Anderson Park – what more could anyone ask for? It has always been an … Continue reading “Eco-fiesta 2022 wrap-up”

Bridal Veil fungus

The Wet season has arrived, with thunderstorms and brief downpours of 20 – 50 mm or more, and the natural world is responding to the combination of heat and moisture as it always does. Fungi, in particular, are emerging in numbers and varieties we haven’t seen since … well, our visit to the Daintree, actually, … Continue reading “Bridal Veil fungus”