Alligator Creek re-opens

The deservedly popular picnic and camping grounds at Alligator Creek in the Cape Bowling Green National Park have re-opened, at least in part. They closed for renovations eighteen months ago to the disappointment, even anger, of locals. The day-use areas were officially re-opened on November 15, with new amenities, paths and boardwalks, and the walk-in … Continue reading “Alligator Creek re-opens”

Alligator Creek photo album

A collection of photos from our visit to Alligator Creek on Easter Saturday, as promised a few days ago in my post about the goanna. We parked at the picnic ground, followed the Alligator Creek Falls walking track as far as Cockatoo Creek, two kilometres upstream, and returned for a late lunch before a heavy shower … Continue reading “Alligator Creek photo album”

Goanna at Alligator Creek

We visited Alligator Creek today. It was very beautiful after recent rain and more photos will appear here soon but the goanna we saw in the picnic ground gave us so much pleasure that it should have a post to itself. It was a Lace Monitor, Varanus varius, and must have been nearly fully grown because … Continue reading “Goanna at Alligator Creek”

Alligator Creek to Cockatoo Creek

Alligator Creek picnic and camping area is a deservedly popular spot within Bowling Green Bay National Park. In spite of the park’s name, the camping ground is well inland, on the upper reaches of the creek among the rugged hills of the Mount Elliot range. We have visited it a number of times over the … Continue reading “Alligator Creek to Cockatoo Creek”