Mundy Creek wetlands – around the cemetery

Monday was another beautiful day so I decided to explore another section of the Mundy Creek wetlands I started to discover last week. I thought I would drive to the cemetery gate and walk downstream along the bike path to the beach but when I got there, the cemetery itself looked too good to ignore.

Yes, really.

As the map shows, the northern edge of the cemetery opens onto a long stretch of lagoons and mudflats. In real life, you simply walk around the right hand end of its ornamental entrance to see this:

graves and swamp
Graves on the left, swamp on the right
brolgas in wetland
Brolgas at home

The hills on the skyline would be Many Peaks Range if we were in the Town Common proper (follow this link for panoramic photos of the area), but here we are actually looking towards Magnetic Island.

birds in swamp
Ibis takes an early-evening bath

It’s possible to walk right around the cemetery but I cut across it before reaching the end. When I did, I met a small group of Bush Stone Curlews.

curlew amongst graves
I always thought Curlews were strangely grave birds

The inland (Southern) side of the cemetery is equally easy walking but looks into bushland rather than wetland, so I saw crows, cuckooshrikes, peaceful doves, sacred kingfisher and honeyeaters to add to the brolgas, ibis, spoonbills, egrets, stilts, pee-wees and swallows in the wetlands.

And then it was time to go.

full moon rising
Nearly-full moon



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