Jourama Falls revisited

We described Jourama Falls quite fully after a visit six years ago but another visit is enough excuse for more photos.

Jourama Falls upper section
Jourama Falls – the top section

The track stops at a viewing platform after a pleasant but moderately strenuous walk. It used to go higher before it was reconstructed (ten years ago? more?) but excursions beyond its present limit are discouraged, for visitors’ safety and preservation of the vegetation.

The hillside up there is loose granite gravel over granite boulders so it’s not at all fertile but the grass trees and cycads don’t mind. (It is actually rather similar, in both geology and the plant community, to the top of Mount Stuart.)

cycads on hillside
Cycads catching the light on the hillside above the track

The walking track to the falls branches off to a peaceful little swimming hole before the creek crossing.

boulders beside the creek
Part of the lower swimming hole

There’s another small swimming hole, very beautiful with the water rushing amongst huge boulders, part way up the hill past the crossing. The main swimming area, however, is back at the picnic ground near the park entrance.

For more photos and all the useful what-where information, visit our older post about the park; nothing important has changed.

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