The last of the Wet?

I wrote about “the last of the Wet” a bit too early, as it turned out.

The rain came back in the second week of May, with 102 mm in Townsville on May 11 and another 20-something on the days before and after. Nearby locations got a little more and Ross Dam rose by another 20% to 86%, so it’s now very comfortably full.

Mt Stuart from Ross Creek
Mt Stuart under cloud on 5 May

Water ran over the lip of Aplin’s Weir for a few days and I caught the last of that on May 12.

Aplins Weir, Ross River, on 12 May

The West got a drenching and the rain then moved South to give the South-east corner yet another flood. Perhaps this was the last, but the BoM did not commit to that and neither, now, will I. The weather is seriously astray. Our total May rainfall last year was exactly zero. This year we’ve had 153 mm so far and I’m not taking any bets. On the other hand, we now (at last!) have a government which is likely to take climate change seriously.

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