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The wide images at the top of each page on the site are called ‘header’ images in WordPress, the software package used here. Each time a user visits a new page, the software chooses one at random from a pre-formatted collection. New images are added from time to time but many of them are not identified, so here’s the current collection with the captions they deserve.

The extreme ‘letterbox’ format required poses some challenges, of course, so the famously flat landscapes of  Western Queensland may be over-represented, but the Town Common, one of our favourite local places, lends itself very well to the format too.

As usual, click on them for full-size versions.

Wildlife great and small

Jumping spider, blurred by the speed of his jump

Moth on a glass louvre at night
Finch in long grass, Kissing Point, Townsville
Crimson Finch on the Town Common
Wading birds, mainly Cattle Egrets, on the Town Common

The Town Common Conservation Park

Pandanus viewing area, Town Common
Looking across the Common to the Pinnacles and Hervey’s Range
The creek between Many Peaks Range and Smedley’s Hill, Town Common

Click on this link for all posts about the Common.

Other Landscapes

Hinchinbrook Channel and the Island from the lookout on the highway
Looking over Townsville and Castle Hill to Magnetic Island from Mt Stuart
Sunset over the Gulf Savannah, Undara

Posts about Undara Lava Tubes (and a few which just mention the park).

Sunrise over Porcupine Gorge

Posts about Porcupine Gorge near Hughenden.

Mangroves near Bowen
Mangroves on the beach near Bowen
Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
Waterfall Bay to Cape Hauy, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

Posts about the Tasman Peninsula.

somewhat Abstract

Town Common mudflats
Paperbark leaves, artistically over-exposed
Reflections of riverbank trees and the sky in rippling water, Murray Falls

Murray Falls on the blog.

Ant on a clothes-line
Reeds and tree roots in milky river water, Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley on the blog.

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