Tahune Airwalk

Tahune AirWalk view

Tahune AirWalk, opened in 2001, is the main feature of an eco-tourism complex (home page) deep in the hills west of the Huon Valley. Access to it is from Geeveston, the nearest town, along a winding road through dense forest.

The AirWalk itself is a 600 metre elevated walkway rising to 30 metres above the ground and 50 m above the level of the river. It offers close-up views of the forest canopy and good views of the river and the nearby wilderness. Sadly, a bushfire started by a lightning strike passed through the area in January 2019. The visitor centre was saved and the walkway has been repaired but the forest will take far longer; regeneration has begun but the damage is still very obvious.

The image featured at the top of this post illustrates most of the event, since we are looking past the cantilevered end of the AirWalk, over the river and burnt valley, towards the source of the fire near Picton Hill.

Other attractions in the complex include a walk upstream, across two swingbridges above the junction of the Picton and Huon Rivers and back down the other side. We did that, and enjoyed it, and watched a group rafting down the river beneath the bridge.

Before this visit we only knew the Huon lower down its course, from Huonville to Franklin, Port Huon and Waterloo. The river begins from Lake Pedder (thanks to The Hydro), running south and west to Tahune, then north and west to Huonville before turning south towards the sea. It’s enormously broad and slow in that last stretch, fringed and islanded with reed beds – so different that it deserves a photo.

Huon River at Franklin
The Huon River at Franklin

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