Pelverata Falls

Pelverata Falls
Pelverata Falls

Pelverata Falls, south-west of Hobart, is one of Tasmania’s higher waterfalls at something like 100 metres (quoted figures range from 80 – 115). It is in rugged country oddly known as the ‘Snug Tiers’, which I’m sure makes perfect sense to Tasmanians. ‘Snug’ comes from a nearby town but ‘Tiers’ is even more Tasmanian than ‘rivulet’; ‘escarpment’ is the closest equivalent I can find.

The waterfall is, naturally, best after sustained rain. We saw it without that advantage but the walk in, through eucalypt forest, was pleasant and not too arduous so we enjoyed it anyway. After rain, the track would have been more difficult but the rewards greater, so perhaps the walk is equally worthwhile in all seasons.

Tas Trails suggests two hours for the walk but we prefer National Parks’ suggestion of three, and perhaps allowing a bit more to look around at the foot of the falls. According to Waterfalls of Tasmania it is also possible to get to the top of the falls via a ‘network of rough 4WD tracks’ but it takes longer and is not worth the extra effort.

Tas Trails does such a good job of describing the track and how to get there that I won’t say much more about it but leave you with a photo of a section of the long scree traverse they mention.

Pelverata Falls track
The (sketchy) track across the scree

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