Cute Critters

This blog has its own Facebook page, set up as an easy way of sharing news about conservation and climate change issues.

Soon after starting it, I began to include casual posts featuring animals which were special in some way – rescued baby animals, rare species turning up in new places, etc – under the heading of ‘cute critter’ (sorry, but I have a weakness for alliteration).  They are reminders of why we do what we do, and often give us a lift by showing that we can indeed make a difference.

grassland bird
Golden-headed Cisticola – cute enough?

However, one of the (many) problems with Facebook is that it has such a short memory: posts quite literally drop out of sight after a week or two and, as we know, out of sight is out of mind. Here, then, is a selection of the ‘cute critters’ I have posted in the last six months.

Lost Eurasian hobby flies into history books as first of his kind in eastern Australia

Critically endangered regent honeyeaters released as fight to save species continues

How a rescue program led by researchers and rangers is saving critically endangered sawfish in the Top End

An unusual ‘fever’ of cownose rays, swimming in formation in Gold Coast creek

‘Amazing’ giant wood moth found at south-east Queensland school

Cute Critters on other facebook pages

Many of my cute critters are re-posted from other Facebook pages or groups. I won’t try to link to the particular posts but here are some pages/groups which often post lovely photos:

Wildlife North Queensland

Bush Heritage Australia

Frans de Waal – Public Page

Australian Native Birds



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