The Town Common in September

Town Common view

The Town Common Conservation Park, to give it its full name, is a valuable wetland year-round but changes with the seasons. Now, in mid-September, it is drying out. Grasses and small shrubs are dying off except where they are in or near the remaining open water. Water birds are returning to the Common as other resources dry out even more, but insects and other birds are not so numerous.

I drove in past the golf club a few days ago, to visit Payet’s Tower, the Melaleuca and Pandanus viewing areas, and the Freshwater and (nearby) Jacana bird hides. My headline photo was taken from Melaleuca and looks towards Mount Low and Hervey’s Range.

A few Great Egrets, Ibis, Little Pied Cormorants and Plovers were near enough to photograph but the Magpie Geese were far away, close to the foot of Many Peaks Range, and I didn’t see any Brolgas at all.

Of the smaller birds, a group of Crimson Finch were obliging enough to let me watch them feeding on grass seeds and the Rainbow Bee-eaters were everywhere – a constant delight, even if I didn’t get a good photo.

The only Gecko I saw was, happily, the local one, not its Asian lookalike.



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