Tyto Wetlands in winter

A longer visit to Ingham’s Tyto Wetlands was high on my wish-list after our very short visit on the way home from Mission Beach a couple of months ago.

The wish came true sooner than I had thought likely, as I managed to get there before 8 a.m. last Wednesday (on my way home from Broadwater) with no need to leave before mid-afternoon. Walking all the way around the main lagoon (at bird-watching pace) and exploring some of the side tracks occupied most of the morning very happily.

Tyto wetlands view
Looking across the lagoon to a bird hide

Birds were the main attraction, as usual – Willy Wagtails, Brown Honeyeaters and many others on land, with Black Ducks, Pygmy Geese, Grebes, Cormorants and Egrets among the water birds.

Egret, Tyto wetlands
Great Egret
Tyto wetlands lagoon
Another view across the lagoon

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