Soft launch, soft anniversary

Green Path should have celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this year but (frankly) didn’t notice at the time. The first ‘real’ post on the blog is dated January 10, 2011, and features a young Golden Orb Weaver. The ‘official’ launch post is dated April 21 and notes that, “Part of my [development] process was to write posts for the blog-to-be. It seemed a shame to waste them all so [the blog] therefore has entries going back several months although today is its official launch.”

Since then I have republished some earlier writing here under its original publication dates, so it may look as though Green Path began in February 2005 with a visit to Western Queensland, but that’s a bit of a stretch: I’m happy to claim ten years but not sixteen.

Ten years ago I had no idea how long the project might last. I’m pleased that it has gone on so long but I still have no idea how long it might continue; “as long as I enjoy doing it” is probably the best answer I can give.

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