Strand Ephemera 2021

Strand Ephemera is a biennial event so this year’s iteration, 17 – 25 July, was the first of the COVID era. (That’s actually a rather startling thought. Was life really that different two years ago? Yes, it was.) We will therefore forgive it for being a little smaller than the others, being so grateful that it happened at all.

The site, at least, hasn’t changed.

strand, magnetic island
Looking along the beach and out to Magnetic Island

The mix of philosophies and aesthetics was also much the same as in previous years – everything from the fragile/recycled/communal art, which to me is the heart of the event, to the monumental/professional.

Here’s a selection of what I saw, liked and could photograph in two fairly brief visits – both in daylight, so I know I missed a couple of works altogether and missed elements of others. As usual, clicking on the small images with bring up larger versions in a lightbox.


The City Council has a catalogue and other information here on its website (until it vanishes).

My coverage of previous events is here: 2019201720132011. (I missed 2015.)

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