Lots of small additions to the blog

Updated July 3

The last couple of days have been tidy-up days chez Green Path, both online and offline – finishing stalled projects, adding extra information to older posts and fixing broken links.

Comments on …

Burdekin Plum – just a quick comment about the loss of ‘our’ tree.

Plastic Free July – reducing plastic at source, and mind-mapping our plastic reduction.

Photographing insects with your phone – a good example of macro work from a new Android phone.

New posts on …

Cameras for rambling greenies, on the other blog although it would have been just as suitable here on Green Path.

Tasmanian wildlife seen on our visit late last year. I have dated it February this year but stuck it to the top of the blog for a while to make it more obvious.

Coming …

The Windup Girl is looking as prescient as the same author’s Water Knife (which I covered here) and I should really finish the meta-review I began after reading it a couple of years ago. Until then, try The Guardian’s review.

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