Tyto wetlands

We stopped off at Ingham’s Tyto Wetlands for a couple of hours’ birdwatching on the way home from the Kennedy Track and I was surprised to find later that Green Path has never even mentioned them – surprised, even mildly shocked, because we’ve been visiting the park for longer than the blog has existed.

We will now make up for our neglect by posting a selection of photos from the last twelve years’ visits.

They are only thumbnails here, to save download time; click on any of them, as usual, for larger images in a lightbox, with extended captions.

This tourist site offers a location map and a good short introduction:

The TYTO Wetlands is one of Australia’s largest urban wetland rehabilitation projects … The revegetated and repaired 120 hectare site is home to over 240 species of bird, numerous tropical plant species and an abundant wallaby population…

The wetlands are on the southern edge of the town. A very short drive from the highway takes you to a big information centre and carpark, with a picnic area which looks across the lagoon to the complex which houses the art gallery and library. Another very short drive (or a walk) takes you to a secondary carpark at the entrance to the walking tracks of the wetland proper.

An hour is not really enough to see it; two is a reasonable minimum and keen birdwatchers could easily spend the best part of a day there.

Jacanas at Tyto wetlands
Jacanas on the lagoon

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