Panoramas from Mount Stuart

Three months ago I spent a morning on Mt Stuart and came home with new perspectives on familiar Townsville locations. Last weekend I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with friends on a slightly different part of the mountain, and came home with another set of views.

We were hanging round on cliffs which look towards Cape Cleveland and Magnetic Island. For much of the time we were on a ledge only a couple of metres wide, with cliffs above us (on the right of my first photo) and beneath us.

mountain view
The view towards Mt Elliott

The weather was perfect and we could see forever, even (I think) to Hinchinbrook Island, well over 100 km away, and certainly to the Palm Islands. This next pair of wide-angle shots aligns Castle Hill with Magnetic Island, a fairly familiar view, and then turns a little to the left to include the Many Peaks range and the Palm group, far less often seen.

castle hill and magnetic island
Castle Hill and Magnetic Island with Ross River mouth and the port at right
Many Peaks, Palm group, etc
Many Peaks and the Palm group at left, with Castle Hill and Magnetic Island

Finally, here’s the view across the Cape Cleveland isthmus in the Dry season, to compare with a similar view in the Wet.

cape cleveland
Cape Cleveland, with Cluden racecourse in the foreground.

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