Tasmanian wildlife

As my regular readers may have expected, I made a point of photographing all the wildlife (large and small) I came across in my few weeks in Tasmania in November and I have been uploading those photos to iNaturalist in between blog posts. There are a couple of samples here but this link should take you to all of them on a single page on iNaturalist.

Currawong begging for food beside Dove Lake

Now that I have finished, an overview is possible.

I ended up with 100 photos, not many in comparison to what I would have seen and photographed in a similar amount of time in the bush in tropical Queensland.

I could have taken lots more photos of the common birds (silver gulls, black ducks, currawongs, sparrows, etc) and marsupials (Bennett’s Wallaby, Pademelon), of course, but that would only highlight the (relative) lack of diversity in another way.

I saw but didn’t photograph a few echidnas and one platypus but no wombats or devils and none of the smaller macropods. I likewise saw birds I was unable to photograph, but not enough to change my views about numbers or variety.

crane fly
A large crane-fly on the beach near Freycinet

More than three quarters of of my species were invertebrates, i.e., insects and spiders. Their relative numbers were not what I would have seen up here in Townsville, as I saw far fewer butterflies and far more beetles, proportionally, down there.

I did photograph quite a lot of tiny moths, flies and midges but I suspect that was partly my urge to record every possible bug in the unfamiliar environment. I might not try quite so hard here, knowing that I’m likely to see them again soon.

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