Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Peninsula, South-east of Hobart, is famous for its convict history (Eaglehawk Neck, Port Arthur, etc) but it is also a place of great natural beauty. This older post shows some of it (Eaglehawk Neck, Pirates Bay and the Tessellated Pavement) while this one features Fortescue Bay and some of the wildlife of the Tasman National Park.

Both are from our 2013 visit but we were lucky enough to return in November-December 2020 and the photos below complement those older posts by showing the coast South of the Arch and Blowhole, and then South of Fortescue Bay.

Tasman peninsula view
Looking South from the Waterfall Bay lookout to Cape Hauy

The distances are not great and in fact this shot shows half of the East coast of the peninsula. A walking track follows the coast between Waterfall Bay and Fortescue Bay and it’s only 16 km long. Fortescue, in turn, is one end of the Three Capes Track, and Cape Hauy is an easy walk from it.

Tasman peninsula view
Looking back towards the mainland
Tasman peninsula view
Waterfall Bay
Tasman peninsula view
Fortescue Bay
Cape Hauy, Tasman Peninsula
Cape Hauy from the Three Capes walking track

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