Au revoir, ReefHQ

reef HQ building noticeReef HQ Aquarium is about to close for a year for an extensive rebuilding project.

The whole structure is thirty years old and is looking tired; quite apart from that, its surrounding have changed: a building which was a great use of the site when it was shared by the Magnetic Island ferry terminal and the Omnimax theatre is now awkward, almost dysfunctional. The big reef and predator tanks will stay where they are, for obvious reasons, but everything else will move. It will take at least a year, and it starts in February.

ReefHQ’s website has plenty of information about the project but as a former volunteer I was happy to see the place, and some old friends, again last week before it vanished.

green python at reefhq
The green python in its favoured resting position
moray eel reef hq
Moray eel
Volunteer Association ReefHQ
The “Volunteers’ Wall” honouring some of the hundreds of volunteers

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