Wildlife is where you find it. Last night I escaped from an uncomfortably warm hall for a few minutes to cool down in the carpark out the back. It was just a patch of gravel, unlit, separated from Lou Litster Park by an unfinished fence, so it wasn’t promising wildlife territory.

However, a little nose was poking up from one of the posts. In the poor light I wasn’t sure whether it was a gecko (my first guess) or something else, but I remembered what I said last week about “always having a useable camera with you” and fetched my phone…

The post is about 75 mm square so the frog is about 30 mm long.

What is it?

More research is needed but it’s definitely a Tree Frog (wherever it was found!). iNaturalist has a nice gallery of the tree-frog family here.

The Broad-palmed Frog is my current best guess, although the Australian Museum notes that there are many other similar frogs in the genus.

Afterword, 9.10.20

Good people on iNaturalist confirmed my idea that it was a Tree-frog but thought that it was a Desert Tree Frog, Litoria rubella. I’m happy with that, since that’s how we learn from citizen science: sharing our observations for others to use, and improving our own knowledge by doing so.

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