Many Peaks trail and Mount Marlow

Town Common from the Many Peaks track
Town Common from the Many Peaks track: Freshwater bird hide at centre left, Mt Stuart on the horizon and Bald Rock at far right

I hiked up Mount Marlow via the Many Peaks Trail on the Common (see map) four years ago and noted in my post about it that I was glad I had chosen not to rush it. Last Tuesday I started an hour later, at about 9.20, but finished at the same time, and wished I had allowed more time for it.

Pallarenda to the top of the hill, 4.5 km according to the sign, took a little over two hours of fairly steady walking on the very rough track so I stopped for a snack and the views on top of Mt Marlow. My original intention had been to return the way I came but the longer walk via Bald Rock and the Lagoon Trail seemed like a better idea at the time because it offered easier walking and fresh scenery. I paused again for a short break at the bottom of the hill, and got back to the car park at 2.20 after walking twelve or fifteen kilometres.

I posted a lot of landscape photos last time so I will limit myself this time to filling in a few gaps.

view of the coast North of Many Peaks Range
Smedley’s Hill at right, the mouth of the Bohle at centre left, and the Northern Beaches receding into the distance, seen from the track between the peak and Bald Rock
cormorants on bridge railings
These Pied Cormorants think the footbridge on the Freshwater Trail was built just for them
panoramic view
Townsville’s three significant hills: Castle Hill at left, Mt Stuart at right, and Mt Elliott in the distance between them, from the Lagoon Trail

The wildlife was dominated by insects, particularly butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers, but there were a good few birds around. A close view of a hawk on top of Mt Marlow was a highlight of my walk, and I also saw Woodswallows, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Scrub Turkey, Peaceful Doves, Plovers, Magpie Geese and the occasional egret – all the usual species, in fact.

Bald Rock
Bald Rock. Wonder why it got its name?

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