Ross River bikeways

An Easter break in which everyone is staying in town has reminded me of my intention to write about the bike paths which run along almost the whole length of Ross River. I have often mentioned sections of the network as I visited them so the overview is long overdue. Here goes!

Well-constructed paths follow both sides of the river from the Bowen Road bridge in Rosslea to the new motorway bridge between Riverside Gardens and Condon. The five river crossings – Bowen Rd bridge, Aplin’s Weir, Nathan St bridge, Black Weir and the motorway bridge – automatically create four loops for walkers and riders.

View of Mt Stuart from Sherriff Park
Mount Stuart from Sherriff Park

The city council has named the loops on its excellent downloadable maps:

  • Wetlands circuit, 5.9 km, Aplin’s Weir – Bowen Rd bridge
  • Aplin’s Weir circuit, 5.3 km, Aplin’s Weir – Nathan St bridge
  • Federation circuit, 7.2 km, Nathan St bridge – Black Weir footbridge (Weir State School)
  • Riverway circuit, 3.7 km, Black Weir – Motorway bridge

The path continues from the motorway bridge to Ross Dam, 11 km further upstream, but only on the Condon – Kelso side of the river.

Similarly, paths continue downstream from the Bowen Rd bridge. There are just a couple of kilometres on the Idalia side of the river, linking to paths around Fairfield Waters’ lakes. On the Hermit Park side, the route skirts the golf course before rejoining the river and following it to Bicentennial Park and Ross Creek (Lou Litster Park), which leads to Boundary St and the city. There’s an alternative route into the city from Bicentennial Park, meeting the railway at Rooney’s Bridge to follow it through Railway Estate, although it’s a less attractive ride.

As I said, the city supplies excellent maps of the trail  network. However, my experience of their website leads me to link to the Walks and Trails introductory page rather than to the maps themselves: the site is rearranged quite often and direct links are often broken in the process. From that page, look under “Riverwalk” for the maps.

Ross River from Aplin's Weir
Looking upstream from the Annandale end of Aplin’s Weir
wallabies in grassland
Wallabies in the wetland, Annandale

Ross River bikeways on Green Path

A selection of older posts featuring locations along the river:

view of ross river
Looking upstream from Bicentennial Park

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