The joy of sprinklers

The Dry Season continues, and the birds are more and more grateful for our bird baths and lawn sprinklers – well, they seem to be, but who knows what’s going on in their little minds? All we can say for sure is that they come to fly through the spray or sit where the water is falling.

Spangled Drongo on mock orange
Sprinkled Spangled Drongo

spangled drongo on mock orange

Yesterday’s visitors included the Drongo and Little Friarbird shown here, a Blue-faced Honeyeater or two, and a White-gaped Honeyeater.

As for the Dry Season, we’ve had about 5 mm in the last four and a half months and, as I said in a comment to Townsville’s 2019 winter, we’re now well below average for the time of year since median totals for October and November are 13 and 29 mm respectively. The Dry, in fact, is a visitor which has out-stayed its welcome.

friarbird on mock orange
Little Friarbird grabbing a snack

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