Black Bean with Lorikeet

Black Bean flowers with Rainbow Lorikeet
Black Bean flowers with Rainbow Lorikeet

No, this isn’t a recipe.

The Black Bean in my title is a local tree, Castanospermum australe, and it’s flowering now. Two of our neighbours have well-grown specimens and I am simply taking this opportunity to share a photo of its attractive flowers.

I know the tree as a local species but didn’t realise just how limited its range was until I looked it up: a patchy distribution along our tropical coast, and that’s all. Nor did I realise just how high it can grow – forty metres. (I wonder if our neighbours know, but I’m not going to tell them in case they start worrying and get their trees chopped down. We need all the trees we can get, and these are very beautiful.)

There’s more information about the Black Bean here for anyone interested.

The Rainbow Lorikeet is incidental but gives me an excuse to mention my ongoing list of birds seen in my new Mundingburra garden. It’s now up to 25 species, which is not bad for less than a year. Here’s to the next 25!

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