Cardwell Lookout and Attie Creek

On the short trip which included Jourama Falls and the Dalrymple Track I seized my opportunity to visit the Cardwell Lookout and nearby Attie Creek for the first time.

The Lookout is a few kilometres out of town on a good, mostly-gravel road which leads through pine plantations before winding uphill to a parking area and a lookout with very good views to the North over Cardwell and Rockingham Bay towards Mission Beach and Dunk Island. A walking track leads further uphill from this point for even better views to the North and panoramic views across the channel to Hinchinbrook Island. The extra walk is worth the effort but I have to say it was also more effort than I had expected: it’s only a few hundred metres but it’s quite steep.

view over Cardwell towards Mission Beach
Looking over Cardwell towards Mission Beach

Hinchinbrook Island from Cardwell lookout
Hinchinbrook Island from the lookout

If you wondered about the brown vegetation in the foreground of the second photo, here’s the explanation:

Burnt bushand on Cardwell Lookout
Burnt ground on Cardwell Lookout

There had been a fire, whether a control burn or a bushfire, on the top of the hill – a few weeks ago, judging by the regrowth. Grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea spp.) are generally very fire-tolerant and these were showing a good spray of green above their singed skirts and charred trunks.

Several other fire scars were visible on hills around the lookout. Such is the Dry season.

Attie Creek

Walks, Tracks and Trails, which alerted me to the lookout, also described Attie Creek Falls but warned that they are not permanent. I didn’t have high hopes that they would be flowing but since they are on the same side of town as the lookout, why not go and see?

I found a very pleasant picnic area with signs pointing to “cascades” 100 m. downhill and a “waterfall” 700 m. uphill. At midday on a 30-degree day, I opted to go downhill to see how much water there was before thinking about going uphill; and there wasn’t much water, so I still don’t know how high the waterfall is.

I did, however, enjoy a quiet interlude watching the birds, skinks and insects beside a shaded pool in the barely-flowing creek.

And I now know where the falls are, so I’m more likely to seize an opportunity to visit them in wetter conditions.

copper-headed skink
Skink in leaf litter beside Attie Creek

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