The Town Common after rain

I’m not going to claim credit for it, of course, but my post about rainwater tanks was followed almost immediately by the best rain Townsville has had for years, with totals like 250 to 600 mm over a week or so, depending on exactly where you looked. Ross Dam went from about 15% to over 80% – but I will say more about that in another post.

I visited the Town Common yesterday, very briefly, to see the difference the rain had made there. The road through the park to Freshwater Lagoon was closed at the gates near the Golf Club, so we walked in from the Pallarenda carpark and up to the Tegoora Rock lookout instead; it gave us better views but we were further from the birdlife.

town common flood
The view from Tegoora Rock towards the city (Castle Hill is on the left)
town common
Looking West towards the Bohle River along the inland face of Many Peaks Range

Clicking on my photos normally gets you a full-size version in a lightbox but because I’ve visited this vantage point so often I thought it would be fun to show the seasonal change, so in this case clicking will show the same scenes as they were in April 2015 after a failed Wet season.

We were lucky enough to spot a small group of brolgas from our lookout. This pair looked at first as though they were swimming across the lagoon, although I think they were actually wading, and after foraging in the swamp for a minute or two they treated us to a brief dance.

town common brolgas
Crossing the floodwaters
town common brolgas
The dance

I saw the brolgas’ famous dance display at much closer range a few years ago, near the entrance to the Common; photos are here.

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