Nobbi, the cute dragon lizard

Nobbi – ready to run, but assessing the situation first

Green Path doesn’t spend much time on lizards other than geckos or skinks, mainly because its author doesn’t see them terribly often, so a quick overview may be in order.

The lizard families we have in Queensland are Geckos, Skinks, Dragons, Monitors (Goannas) and Flap-footed Lizards (Legless Lizards). (Wikipedia has a beautiful taxonomic chart that places them in relationship to each other and all the other families worldwide, if you’re interested.)

We don’t have as many Dragons (Agamidae) as Skinks or Geckos but they are attractive and distinctive and some, e.g. the Frill-necked Lizard and Thorny Devil, are very well known. Most of them do best in dry country, and in the Townsville region we have only half a dozen species of which the Frill-neck and Nobbi are probably most often seen.

The Nobbi (Diporiphora nobbi, formerly Amphibolurus nobbi) is a diurnal hunter and is usually seen on the ground but the one in my photos was high in the foliage of a hibiscus bush until I disturbed it while pruning. After sitting still on the ground long enough for me to grab the camera it scurried off into the undergrowth.

The long hind legs assist nobbis’ characteristic upright running posture

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