One morning on Cape Pallarenda, with birds

A few days ago I left home just before dawn to visit Pallarenda – specifically the Old Quarantine Station, Cape Pallarenda and Shelly Cove.  Part of my motivation was simply to be outdoors, since the weather at this time of year is too beautiful to waste, but the main reason was to see the wildlife. I didn’t have to wait long: a couple of crows came to check on me when I sat on the beach to have breakfast. I walked down to the water’s edge afterwards and turned round to see

Cape Pallarenda
Food? The Crow and Brush Turkey are both optimistic

Crows were a feature of the rest of the morning – sloping away from me as I approached, or foraging on the beaches; Plovers (Masked Lapwings, if you want to be correct, but I grew up calling them plovers) and Brush Turkeys re-appeared regularly, too. My Bird of the Day, however – far more special than any of the others – was the Osprey (Pandion haliaetus cristatus aka Pandion cristatus) I encountered on the path to Shelly Cove, enjoying breakfast in a dead tree near the track and not prepared to be interrupted by a mere photographer.

The photos below are in the order of my walk, from the Pallarenda carpark to Shelly Cove, a side-trip up the beginning of the Under the Radar Track I walked a few years ago, and back to the carpark for morning tea and the Flycatcher, Mistletoebird, Scrub Fowl and Cockatoos. Clicking on the first of them to scroll through all of them at full size in the lightbox may be the best way to view them.

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