Rowes Bay, Town Common and the Palm Islands from Castle Hill

Rowes Bay
Rowes Bay – the view from Castle Hill through the gap between Cape Pallarenda and the West Point of Magnetic Island

When I visited Castle Hill for photos of the Cleveland Bay hinterland (previous post) I naturally walked around the other peak for views to the North and North-west. It wasn’t the clearest day but the Palm Island group is still visible on the horizon (clicking on the image for full size will help).

The tiny island in the gap is Cordelia Rocks (Rattlesnake and Herald Islands are bigger but are almost hidden behind Many Peaks Range). What we see of the Palms is mostly Great Palm Island; Havannah is closer to us but is tiny, Fantome is to the West but is further North, and Orpheus is still further North and West of Fantome; this map shows them in relation to Townsville.

Town Common
Town Common Conservation Park from Castle Hill

Swinging the camera a little to the left and zooming in slightly: the whole of the Town Common Conservation Park (Nat Parks map – pdf) and a little more. The Bohle River enters the sea to the left of Many Peaks Range, and the coast beyond is Bushland Beach, Saunders Beach, Bluewater, Toomulla  … and off into the haze. Yabulu (Clive Palmer’s abandoned nickel refinery) is between the highway and the coast just beyond Bushland Beach.

The odd-looking speckled rectangle in the foreground is the cemetery. It forms one edge of a small wetland bounded by Rowes Bay houses and the RSL Homes on the coastal side, and Belgian Gardens on the near side. Here’s a closer look:

Rowes Bay
Remnant wetland between the cemetery and the Rowes Bay foreshore

The far boundary is mostly airport land which separates this area from the Town Common per se. Access to this small wetland can be gained from the Rowes Bay Sustainability House and presumably (I haven’t tried) the cemetery (Google Maps may help).

The buildings in the distance are the Golf Club, near the main entrance of the Town Common.

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