Pied Imperial Pigeon on the nest

pied imperial pigeon nest
Pied Imperial Pigeon on its nest in a paperbark tree

The last Wildlife Queensland trip for the year took us further from home than usual, to Zoe Bay on Hinchinbrook Island. It was a lovely day and I’m sure a full report with lots of photos will appear in due course on the WQ Townsville site. (Edit: it’s now here).

All I want to do here is to post a photo of a Pied Imperial Pigeon, Ducula spilorrhoa, on its nest to complement my earlier posts about them on Green Path.

We met in a small park near the Dungeness boat ramp and spent our waiting time, naturally, birdwatching. This was one of several PIP nests we spotted in a clump of paperbarks there. Each was an untidy, unstable-looking twig platform, easy enough to see once we knew what they looked like – in fact, believing that they were functional nests was harder than seeing them.

In the same clump we also saw a Friarbird on its nest, well camouflaged by virtue of the fact that it was neatly woven out of strips of the tree’s own bark.

friarbird nest
A Friarbird just visible on its nest in the same clump of trees

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