The return of the Friarbirds

brown bird in tree
Hornbill Friarbird

Friarbirds have returned to our garden after a gap of some months. I can’t say just how long they were absent, because I didn’t notice them stop coming: they were just around less and less often until they weren’t there at all. The Cuckoo-shrikes, incidentally, have likewise returned after a gap of unknown duration.

To lose two such big species so casually might be considered thoughtless but I am not feeling too guilty about it since we have been entertained and distracted by the continual presence of magpies, Peaceful Doves, Drongos and three species of honeyeater (Blue-faced, White-gaped and Brown), and frequent visits of Blue-winged Kookaburras, Willie-wagtails and many more.

I have been calling this species the Helmeted Friarbird, Philemon buceroides, ever since I knew the bird well enough to give it a name, but the local race has recently been granted full species status as the Hornbill Friarbird, Philemon yorki, and the original name is now restricted to Northern Territory birds.

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