Yellow Honeyeater in winter

yellow honeyeater
White-gaped (lower left) and Yellow Honeyeaters in poinciana foliage

I’m still occasionally seeing new species of birds in our garden, even with 50 already noted in my big list. This Yellow Honeyeater was one of many birds (Cuckoo-shrike, Drongo, Leaden Flycatcher and Peaceful Doves as well as Blue-faced, White-gaped and Brown honeyeaters) I saw yesterday. It’s not uncommon around the city’s parks so I wasn’t too surprised to see one here but still, this is another ‘first’ and they’re always pleasing.

I didn’t manage any particularly good photos but chose to post this one anyway, because it shows the Yellow in relation to the White-gaped, i.e. just a bit smaller. It is still significantly bigger than the Brown.

Incidentally, Winter has lost its scare quotes since my previous post. We’ve been down to 11C overnight and daytimes tops are in the low 20s rather than high 20s. Humidity has dropped, too.

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  1. Walking around my garden early this morning (gorgeous weather makes it hard to stay indoors) I saw a Yellow Honeyeater in the poplar gum as well as the usual Blue-faced and White-gaped honeyeaters, Rainbow Lorikeets and Peaceful Dove; a Torres Strait Pigeon, too, flying to and from the paperbark tree.

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